Time to panic Canada. In 32 days, your fate #Quebec2014

06 Mar Time to panic Canada. In 32 days, your fate #Quebec2014

Just 18 months since gaining a minority leadership, Quebec’s separatist premier Pauline Marois has called a snap election within 33 days. Tick tock. From today, 32 days to go.

Let’s not be vague about this.

If you live in Quebec, please don’t even think about missing this vote. Here are two reasons, for example, not to vote for Marois’ Parti Québécois government:

1) Their secular charter: a proposed law that would ban the wearing of overt religious symbols by any government employee or by workers at institutions. Really?

2) Separatism. This might have been fathomable 20+ years ago, but now Quebec is far from Canada’s economic engine. Today, Alberta is in the driver’s seat, as Quebec dawdles with its bloated welfare, dysfunctional infrastructure programs, impotent energy resource development, and absurd language laws repelling investors. More below.

Actually, no matter for whom you vote, don’t miss this one.

If you can’t vote in Quebec, but are Canadian, let’s consider separatism again:

1) PQ wins majority = likely. They are ahead in the polls. Also, the opposition’s new leader, Philippe Couillard, is generally seen as a weak leader, even by some of his own Liberal party members.

2) PQ calls a referendum to secede from Canada = likely

3) Referendum squeaks by and passes by 50%+1 = likely

4) Quebec secedes from Canada = likely

5) Canada cannot withstand a truncated geography and crumbles = likely

6) No more Canada, one of this past century’s greatest nations

I’m no political scientist. I don’t even live in Quebec anymore. There’s a lot about this election that I don’t understand. But here are two things everyone should be doing for 32 days:

1) Vote if you can

2) Visibly show your love for Canada and Quebec

I love Montreal and Quebec and Canada. Thanks. Please panic now and do your part.

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